Certification Process

Inquiry & Application
1. Review certification criteria and application documents
2. Fill out the 
Applicant Survey and Material Appendix. If filling out these
documents involves sharing      
proprietary information, you may also fill out the Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement.
3. Send completed documents to MBDC for review
     Email: certification@mbdc.com
    Fax: (434) 295-1500 

4. Once documents are received, a MBDC representative can review with you the process for getting a product certified and provide an estimate of cost and time to work with MBDC as a service provider for the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM program.   Pricing ranges from $5,500 to $75,000+ depending on the chemical complexity of the product.

Product Assessment

The bulk of the certification process involves partnering with the product manufacture on data collection and product assessment. This step typically takes 2-6+ months depending on the complexity of the product and its supply chain.


1. MBDC assigns a project manager to serve as a guide through the certification process.

2. MBDC and applicant work together to collect all the data required for certification. The Certification Packet must be completed with all necessary information included.

3. MBDC conducts a Site Visit to the manufacturing facility of final assembly.

4. MBDC will submit the completed Certification Packet and supporting documentation to the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII) for review.

Download Certification Packet for All Levels
Download Certification Packet for Basic Level
Download Certification Packet for Silver Level
Download Certification Packet for Gold Level
Download Certification Packet for Platinum Level 
Certification Issuance
1. C2CPII will review the Certification Packet and supporting documentation.
2. If all criteria are met, C2CPII will issue the certificate at the appropriate level. 


Certification is valid for one calendar year from the certification date and must be renewed on an annual basis.

1. A few months prior to certification renewal date, you will receive a letter of notification and a renewal packet from MBDC.

2. Review the Certification Renewal Packet and collect any new information related to product formulation or manufacturing process. Work with MBDC to review data and evaluate any changes in the product formulation or manufacturing process.  

4. Once the Certification Renewal Packet is complete, MBDC will send the packet and supporting documentation to C2CPII for review.

Download the Renewal Packet for Basic Level
Download the Renewal Packet for Silver Level
Download the Renewal Packet for Gold Level
Download the Renewal Packet for Platinum Level


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