Speeches & Workshops
MBDC is available for to speak at conferences, university classes, corporate meetings, or any other public or private events.  MBDC can offer its expertise and discuss Cradle to Cradle principles as applied to design, product certification, business applications, buildings, and more. Fees for services depend on the person speaking and length of time required and includes travel reimbursement.  Please contact info@mbdc.com to make a request.  
Introduction to Cradle to Cradle (2 hours)
This two-hour introductory workshop is appropriate for those interested in getting a foundation in the Cradle to Cradle principles.  The workshop consists of a one-hour presentation followed by a one-hour activity for the participants  to apply Cradle to Cradle thinking.
Cradle to Cradle Design (4-8 hours)
This workshop is designed for the designer. Participants will listen to a presentation and then work through a series of hands-on exercises to apply different aspects of Cradle to Cradle principles to their product designs. 
Cradle to Cradle for Professionals (4-8 hours)
This workshop is suited for working professionals who want to apply Cradle to Cradle principles in their field.  The workshop is customizable for different industries (such as architecture and engineering) and will enable participants to understand Cradle to Cradle and learn how to implement these ideas in their workplaces. 
Please contact info@mbdc.com for more information. 

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